Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Collection Definition
My goal is to have some quality when it counts and have some quantity for fun.

My fear is going around in circles as far collecting baseball cards or collecting signed non-card memorabilia. I like all sorts of different cards valued from $1 to $100. Maybe I'm riding through fads that have no substance [or at least will leave me high and dry as far as value is concerned].

I want to have a definitive purpose, so I'm not sabotaging my efforts to pick up the next piece of item that is going to be in my collection. Many times, I like a little bit of everything and I'm swayed by delusions of grandeur, instead of reality that I may not be able to collect everything.

It is mind numbing to think that I may want this, I may want that - but I can't really afford all that...

Baseball Cards
I want to be able to account for every single card in my collection as a group, whether or not they are worth a nickel or a $100. I am looking for definition to my collection, as far as what I can classify as valuable and what I can classify as more for the 'true art' of collecting.

My philosophy maybe is to typically have no modern 'bling, bling' cards in my collection, which I would likely see as the lowest serial numbered, super-duper refractor autograph rookie year parallel/rookie card of an unproven prospect [or legitimate star like Albert Pujols].

At this point, there is no way for me to get in that game of prospecting. I prefer looking for a particular player's representative [if not definitive] rookie card graded PSA/BGS '9' condition.

Each month, I'd like to secure at least one rookie card of players from 1980-1999 and dabble in perhaps picking up rookie cards of prospects I like from the last five years [maybe the most common/or second most common versions; autographed if possible].

I need to look for 'solid value' purchases, where I'm getting something I like, but not spending willy-nilly.

Every month should be an opportunity to add a signed baseball, photo or a signed mini-helmet. It would be great, if I got a game used jersey, bat, et al - but basically I want a keepsake that displays well and features an authentic autograph by an Hall of Fame icon, member of an exclusive statistical club, current superstar or rising star. I hope to get the guys I typically haven't gotten otherwise [for free].

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