Sunday, September 30, 2007

Card show trip

I always feel handcuffed because I don't want to spend $$$, but just come away with something decent for about $20-$40. I end up hitting the common bins, maybe picking up a pack or two and probably spending more time twiddling my thumbs than making something happen [to improve my collection].

$2 for 40 commons - 23 random 2007 Topps Allen and Ginter base cards, four random Manny Ramirez cards, two Jonathan Papelbon cards, five 2007 Fleer Ultra [Joe Mauer, Robinson Cano, Adam Dunn, Dan Haren and Vicente Padilla], a 1993 Flair Barry Larkin [Barry Bonds cameo], a 2003 SPX Tim Salmon, a 2007 Fleer Shane Victorino and three random 1982 Topps cards featuring then Angels [Geoff Zahn, Andy Hassler and 'Disco' Dan Ford].

$5 for 20 assorted cards at another guy's booth - didn't think I'd find 20 cards out of his random $0.25 bin, but ended up with the following:

2006 Bowman Draft Chrome - Wade LeBlanc, John Shelby [x3], Chris Davis [x3], Brett Sinkbeil, George Kontos [x2], David Huff [x2], Jermaine Mitchell [x2], Cyle Hankerd, Tyler Robertson [x2] and Ryan Morris.

2006 Bowman Draft - Chris Davis

2007 Bowman prospects chrome - Ronnie Prettyman

Also spent $12 on an official MLB baseball
- figure to pick one up now, in case I can get it signed later.

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