Saturday, September 29, 2007

A Random Card Surprise

My brother's long time friend [Chris] left me about 5,000 assorted trading cards. Going through them through the past week took me back to moments when I would jump at any opportunity to look through cards from neighborhood acquaintances when I was a kid.

1.) The 5,000 card box [?] looked like it was from a late night shopping TV network - a somewhat 'organized' set of assorted, overproduced cards, mostly the 1990s. There were so many cards to go around during the decade, from sport [basketball, baseball, football, hockey] to nonsports cards [some artist cards], but just not enough of the 'good stuff' still having collecting value today [which probably would mean a few specific baseball cards from the decade]. The baseball cards I found in the box otherwise sucked [brands and player wise] and there were no real 'finds' as far as any cards that booked over a half a nickel each.

2.) There was a binder with mostly 1989, 1990 and 1991 Upper Deck - I was hoping for a 1989 Junior rookie card and I would have busted out a grin if I found one, but there was just commons and some 'minor stars.'

3.) It is kind of sad - my brother's friend said I could keep them all or just throw them away if I didn't want any of them. You want to sort the cards out for various purposes and to be done with them and it is mostly cards I should discard. Back in 1992 or 1993, the cards in the box would have still been crap. Still, in some revisionist sort of manner, maybe my brother's friend was just throwing it all away, giving it up and it got me just a little sentimental, knowing I haven't let go of this hobby of collecting cards.

4.) On the other hand - it doesn't seem like a box that was handed down from one generation or another. I think what I really would have wanted, is if the box contained actual cards having some value and being dumped to me for free. Who cares about being sentimental, when you are living the dream you've envisioned since you were knowledgeable enough to distinguish what cards were good and what cards were not. I think what my brother's friend did was save me from buying a random Tristar Hidden Treasures packs [if that was what I was thinking] or take a stab at possibly another random box of cards [if made available for sale at some show somewhere]. I've got my fill of cards worth 1/2 of a nickel and I don't need to fulfill those hunger pangs with regards to getting some overproduced cards printed 15-20 years ago.

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