Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The anti-collecting post

I don't know if I'm really devoted to collecting baseball cards as much as I like the idea of being able to say I still collect after all these years - it seems tough to set goals or at least ones that will stick through next year.

At times I do not want anything to do with collecting
- I realize cardboard pictures of men isn't where it's at and I shudder to think that is all I care about after 15 or 20 years, while other people have moved on.

1.) I think too much about collecting, I read the blogs, peruse the forums - without actually enjoying it.
2.) If I buy a random box of cards, unless I pull something - I'm just paying towards someone else getting the big hit out of a product. If pull a big hit, then it probably will not be worth as much in a few months.
3.) Random hits are worth $0.99 plus shipping on eBay - no matter how much I talk particular ones on my blog.
4.) My favorite players are more successful in their life, than I am in mine - collecting their cards is a reminder of that.
5.) One day I'll be buried in my cards - who knows where the cards and I are going afterwards.
6.) Listing collecting goals for a particular year falls flat - when there is no money or interest to pursue them.
7.) I don't know what not 'being able to polish a turd' means - so I keep picking up crap cards [repacks, loose packs from the 'junk wax era', etc] and convince myself I can do something with them.
8.) My only option for opening packs is retail - but the ones at Target or Walmart are mostly searched.
9.) Picking up a few base cards of my favorite players doesn't really amount to much - I've hit the ceiling.
10.) I'll be more than 10 years older - than some of players I'm currently or will be collecting.


Dinged Corners said...

1.) Drop the forums. Just read a couple of your favorite blogs, like thumbing thru a magazine.
2.) Stop buying boxes. Boxes are insidious. Instead, buy a hit from sets that interest you from eBay once in a while.
3.) What's it worth to you? Some enjoyment is worth more than 99 cents.
4.) You're not successful at baseball, but you don't play baseball. You're successful in some other facet of life.
5.) Get rid of anything that feels like clutter.
6.) Is your interest gone or just temporary flagging?
7.) This is the "hope in a pack" syndrome. You know, there are worse things.
8.) Again, buy cards from sets that interest you on eBay. Big box store packs are useless if you are seeking a hit.
9.) Maybe you should focus on completing one or two sets in 2010 and see if that keeps your interest.
10.) Are you interested in vintage cards, or just current ones? Maybe diversify.

Don't give up. It's a fun, goodhearted hobby, you have a neat blog...wait for the storm clouds to pass.

tastelikedirt said...

I know how you feel. I like to follow my favorite team. The interest in cards comes and go's. Ebb's and Flows.

Play at the Plate said...

I had a comment all ready to post and then I read what Dinged Corners said. Ditto!

Joe S. said...

This is where you just gotta find what you truly like to collect and just go for it, regardless of what people on the blogs and/or forums tell you. I collect relics like they're going out of style, which they in fact did a few years ago. Now they're a dime a dozen, but I don't enjoy them any less. Also, my collection started to feel a bit aimless in late '09, but deciding to put together a set (09 Topps Update) was a nice refresher!

Sell your clutter. I've recently purged quite a few unwanted football cards from my collection, either via trade or ebay. Sure, I may only bring in $1-$3 at a time, but it adds up!! You can buy some nice stuff with $30, especially if singles are your fancy!