Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Featured autograph - Darren Oliver

I could have seen Darren Oliver going to the Yankees or some other team willing to ensure [for the next couple of years] - he makes a little more money than he is currently making.

Apparently, Oliver is now close to signing with the Texas Rangers - an organization he started with and a team closer to home in the state of Texas.

For three seasons, the Angels reaped the rewards of Oliver's late-career resurgence as a reliever - pitching in 61, 54 and 63 games from 2007 through 2009.

He was the underrated part of the Angels' bullpen and it remains to be seen if another cog that has been poached from the team - will be replaced by a player of equal ability and skill.

As for the autograph card - I found the Donruss Press Proof parallel out of a quarter box in a card shop [it seems obvious the card doesn't scan well] and I had Oliver sign it before an Angels' game this past year.

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