Tuesday, March 16, 2010

2009 Donruss Elite Extra Edition breaks

2009 Donruss Elite Extra Edition [$4.99 x 5] - looking for something different than retail and randomly picked up five packs of this draft pick product.

There are 'traditional collectors' who only touch MLB/MLBPA licensed cards and turn their noses at draft pick and/or prospect cards - draft pick and/or prospect cards don't bother me, because it is a nice novelty to be able to pull the most basic [as in non parallel, non-autograph] cards of relative unknown drafted players and see if they develop into a professional who is going to reach the Major Leagues one day.

I'm bummed as anyone else, when I end up holding draft pick / prospect cards of players who don't reach the Major Leagues - but it is fun to see those who reach the Major Leagues and actually establishes themselves, if I have an 'early card' of theirs.

Watching professional players go through the minors and develop in baseball is like watching paint dry - but looking at the backs of these cards, the cards featuring players drafted out of college, should be the ones to look for in the next year or so [either to reach the Major Leagues or to flame out].

Pack one
#39 Jake Marisnick
#30 Garrett Gould
#122 Dan Taylor AU serial #'d 516/650
#23 Everett Williams
#10 Mike Leake

Pack two
#41 Kent Matthes
#33 Brandon Belt
#19 Ben Paulsen - School Colors insert; Clemson
#15 Paulsen
#4 J.R. Murphy

Pack three
#12 Bill Bullock
#22 Jiovanni Mier
#20 Shaver Hansen

#15 Garrett Richards AU - Collegiate Patches insert; serial #'d 103/125
#11 Kelly Dugan
#17 A.J. Pollock

Pack four
#44 Adam Warren
#32 Donnie Joseph
#27 Ryan Jackson
#25 Chad Jenkins
#14 Alex Wilson

Pack five
#45 Dustin Dickerson

#47 Brooks Raley
#131 Kevan Hess
- Status die-cut parallel; serial #'d 56/100
#24 Rich Poythress
#13 Shelby Miller

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