Saturday, March 13, 2010

2010 Cactus League trip recap special #4

Brett Anderson throws in a side session during an Oakland Athletics workout at their facility at Papago Park - so far he pretty much signs anything put in his face.

The Angels will always be my team but visiting the Oakland Athletics camp once or twice in spring training - seems like a spring training 'must-go' destination in order to get handfuls of autographs, even though their 'stars' may pale in comparison to more popular teams training in the Cactus League.

I'm not sure if the change is permanent, but during my last week in Arizona, I'd read in the local paper, the A's moved their Major League team workouts to their spring training stadium [Phoenix Municipal Stadium] - because it was easier for the players and staff to work from the stadium, than at their facility at Papago Park.

Hopefully access to getting players' autographs isn't curtailed during the spring - even though the A's are generally a good signing team anyway, though some players may not always feel like signing everything for everyone [Jack Cust, Ben Sheets, Eric Chavez, Kevin Kouzmanoff, Travis Buck...]

Trevor Cahill [pictured signing] and Anderson are relatively young players on the A's, who maybe the future pitching aces for the franchises - at this point, they are very accomodating signers. 

I think Justin Duchscherer [obscured by his cap and the sea of people] said he likes to sign because one day - people won't be asking for his autograph anymore.

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tastelikedirt said...

Duke,Cahill,Buck and Sheets have all signed for me TTM in the last couple years...Cust and Anderson I have not been so lucky with after several attempts.