Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Jim Edmonds story - the 2010 comeback edition

Jim Edmonds played well enough to earn a spot on the 40-Man roster of the Milwaukee Brewers for 2010 - hopefully his comeback in his age 40 season proves to be successful [hope he doesn't get released in May or suffer some kind of career ending injury] and he finishes his career basically enjoying a season where he plays enough to reach some career milestones [collecting 2,000 hits in his career and hitting 400 home runs.

I honestly can't say I followed his playing career as close, when Edmonds really enjoyed his peak seasons in St. Louis - I do pick up his cards when I can just because he came through the California Angels' farm system and established himself as a star when I was paying closer attention to the team. 

It was Tim Salmon, Edmonds and Garret Anderson who formed one of the best young outfield trios in baseball - for the Anaheim Angels during the late 1990s. 

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