Monday, April 18, 2011

Pocket schedules and Grady Sizemore

Reading up on this blog post about collecting pocket schedules, I can't say I'm a big pocket sked guy - I've got enough clutter to worry about when it comes to hoarding various MLB team related trinkets.

I will concede that I may pick up and keep a few, if they feature an actual player [like Grady Sizemore pictured on a 2009 Cleveland Indians spring training pocket sked] or unique team logo of some sort - maybe I should go and hoard the Angels 2011 pocket skeds, since I can get them signed by various Angels alumni and other players I might not have cards for.

Despite the injuries suffered by Sizemore over the last several years - he maybe a guy who just needs to get on the field in order to be the impact player he was in the late 2000s.

When you can't watch a guy play after being hyped up as a future superstar and living up to some of the press clippings - you kind have doubts as to whether someone like Sizemore will ever be 'that guy' who you pay attention to as a visiting player coming to play your local MLB team.

However, there maybe still a lot of baseball talent left in Sizemore's body - as long as he actually healthy.

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