Monday, April 18, 2011

Featured autograph - Sam Fuld

I was rummaging through the stands after a Chicago Cubs spring training game at HoHoKam Park back in 2009 - lingering around just before being kicked out of the stands and looking for a souvenir cup or something I can clean up and take home.

I think I found some trail mix that was still sealed in the bag and also found a discarded program, with a couple of autographs - the program was no good to me because the cover was bent out of shape.

However there were a couple of autographs on it and I think I got one more random player to sign it when he came out of the locker room - one of the two autographs that were already signed on the program is apparently Sam Fuld's, who has gotten some early season love as the next gritty, scrappy, tiny player to seemingly come out of nowhere and become David Eckstein...or maybe Reggie Willits.

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