Friday, August 20, 2010

Featured autograph - Mark Trumbo

With the Angels' high profile draft pick Kaleb Cowart signed up, it maybe time to look back at another high school bonus baby the Angels signed back in 2004 - Mark Trumbo was touted like Cowart was, a potential future star in the Angels' system.

While Trumbo has steadily climbed the minor league ranks, he is currently a 24-year old who may or may not get a cup of coffee with the Angels in 2010 - it might not be inconceivable to think Cowart may spend as much as five years in the minors and still not get to the Major Leagues.

I picked up his first certified autograph four years ago - while not letter-for-letter, the autograph is more legible on the certified autograph card from 2004, compared to the in-person autograph I got in-person this past year in spring training.

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