Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Featured autograph - Bill Singer

I picked this autograph through the SCN fs/trade section for $5 along with a group of 10 other in-person autographs I needed for specific card sets - I'm not really into buying autographs, but I'll pick up a few impulsively if I can sniff out a 'true' autograph collector [as opposed to someone who is kind of far removed from actually graphing in-person or even through the mail] and something catches my eye from whatever extras he or she is trying to get rid of.

The Singer goes into my all-time Angels autograph collection though I had to hit up baseballreference.com to see what Singer actually did in an Angels' uniform - admittedly, I only really remember him mentioned as trying to make small talk with 'long-time GM prospect' Kim Ng while mocking her ethnicity back in 2003.

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