Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Random cards

During some down time 'at work,' I was hanging out next to some guys going through a discarded shoe box of cards - a person who didn't want the box of cards gave them to someone else who was going through the cards with three others to see if they could find any useful ones they needed [with the rest being given away to kids].

I wasn't privileged enough to go through the cards [mostly 2000's cards and with a number of minor leaguers from major brand sets who never quite made it] - but one of the guys let me keep a card or two that I liked when he would go through a stack.

2000 Topps Traded John McDonald #T27 - first Topps card, not a rookie though.
2001 Topps Stadium Club Jason Kendall #78 - slides back on a pick off attempt.
2002 Topps David Bacani #694 - I've been vaguely aware of this guy since he played high school baseball in the same league as my high school [the league has since been realigned]; now the baseball coach at Santa Margarita High School, Bacani was named CIF Division I Coach of the Year this past season.
2004 Topps Total Erick Aybar RC #866 - I thought his skills as a player were all tapped out but he's having an All-Star season and has been a little more dynamic than I've given him credit for.
2006 Upper Deck Dewon Brazelton #772 - maybe the most random of cards, but the pitching bust is shown trying to bunt, so I grabbed it for my collection since I wouldn't be looking for it otherwise.
2007 Upper Deck Kevin Youkilis #584 - inking it up
2008 Upper Deck Jake Peavy #627 - didn't need this one but I took it because it was offered.

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