Monday, July 14, 2014

Trade post with S.Mack Talk

Jimmy over at S.Mack Talk wanted some of my Topps yellow / Topps Target red parallels from my 2014 Topps breaks and contacted me about a trade early in the year - I held onto the cards he needed until we could finally meet in-person to complete the transaction.

I think the only card I originally wanted was a Mike Trout insert - but then Jimmy was able to round up some cards off my collecting topics wantlist, so at the very least I was able to pick up some cards for my mini-collections.

Awesome action
1993 Topps Stadium Club Juan Bell #157

Awesome outfield action
1993 Upper Deck Felix Jose #156
1995 Upper Deck Geronimo Berroa 
2002 Fleer Ultra Shannon Stewart #99

Bonus babies
1995 Topps Glenn Parker #77 [football]
- feat. Jim Kelly

Broken bat shots
1993 Upper Deck Wes Chamberlain #267
1993 Upper Deck Cecil Fielder #499
1993 Upper Deck Brian Hunter #582
1995 Upper Deck Joe Oliver #297

Inking it up
1995 Upper Deck Jeffrey Hammonds #129
1995 Upper Deck Hector Carrasco #166
1995 Upper Deck Marquis Grissom #290

Pitchers hitting
1995 Upper Deck Darryl Kile #22
1995 Upper Deck Robb Nen #114 - how often is a pitcher captured on a baseball card sliding to second base?
1995 Upper Deck Fernando Valenzuela #142
1995 Upper Deck Dave Nied #173
1995 Upper Deck Pat Rapp #256

Retro uniforms
1991 Donruss Greg Hibbard #159
1992 Upper Deck Mike Benjamin #268 - I the like befuddled look on his face as if to say, 'dudes actually played baseball with these gloves back in the day?'
1993 Topps Stadium Club Dennis Cook #153
1993 Upper Deck John Burkett #160
1993 Upper Deck Zane Smith #349
1994 Upper Deck Tyler Green #72 - x2
1995 Upper Deck Rod Beck #86
1995 Upper Deck Scott Erickson #428

1992 Upper Deck Von Hayes #707 - have it
1995 Upper Deck Larry Walker #82 - think I have it / broken bat or awesome action [on the back]
1995 Upper Deck Darren Lewis #87 - think I have it / awesome outfield action or bonus baby [on the back] feat. Barry Bonds
2013 Topps Update Craig Kimbrel #US 53
2013 Topps Update Joey Votto #US 268
2013 Topps Update Torii Hunter #US 276
2014 Topps Mike Trout #FN-20 - The Future is Now insert

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Nick said...

I especially like the '95 UD Nen because he was a relief pitcher for nearly his entire career.