Wednesday, September 10, 2014

2014 Topps Chrome blaster recap

My lousy $3 off Topps coupon was my excuse to pick up a blaster, even though I believe the following:

1.) Retail is feast or famine for something like Topps Chrome - there are only 32 cards in a blaster and while I may pull some cheap refractors and/or inserts, I'm probably not going to find anything that makes me think I spent $20 wisely.

2.) I like shiny cards, but the chromes are condition sensitive and I worry about handling them too much - I like cards I can flip through without being scratched up.

Purple refractor pack
#140 Justin Verlander
#88 Michael Choice
#193 Josh Donaldson
#75 Billy Hamilton

Pack one
#133 Onelki Garcia
#74 Dexter Fowler - X-Fractor
#23 Stefen Romero
#131 Desmond Jennings

Pack two
#163 Greg Holland - with two guys on a card, it looks like a mini project to chase after.
#81 Kevin Siegrist
#148 Avisail Garcia - refractor/ I thought basic refractors were unmarked until I checked out the breaks at the Play at the Plate blog.
#213 Rougned Odor

Pack three
#48 Alex Cobb 
#77 Robbie Erlin 
#130 Albert Pujols 
#158 Aramis Ramirez

Pack four
#170 David Wright 

#EB Eddie Butler - certified autograph / Silver and Black serial #'d 22/25 / the silver marker seems dull on a whited out surface, but it's a might fine pull for a blaster.

Butler has pretty good credentials, though he wasn't as good this year as he was in previous seasons - not to mention, he is going to be making his home starts in Colorado.

#218 Max Scherzer 
#51 Matt Adams

Pack five
#31 Clay Buchholz 
#162 Zack Greinke - refractor
 #189 Madison Bumgarner 
#178 Danny Salazar

Pack six
#132 Chris Davis 
#83 Jon Lester 
#79 Mike Minor 
#29 Victor Martinez

Pack seven
#175 Yu Darvish 
#120 Jeff Samardzija 
#168 Manny Machado - X-Fractor
#125 Paul Goldschmidt

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Play at the Plate said...

Nice pull.

It's nice to see someone actually read that post. :)