Thursday, September 04, 2014

Assorted former Angels players' cards

A collection of cards I have stuffed in a box somewhere are cards of Angels players whose autographs I still need for my all-time Angels collection - I want to keep cards handy of guys whose autographs I still need in case there is an opportunity to get them signed in-person and/or to have cards set aside for possible through the mail requests.

However, the collection is sort of vague because how many players in Angels history have I not accounted for - it's not quite a comprehensive collection, so I wonder why don't I just have an an wantlist of players I need, without the guise of having a pile of unsigned cards?

The collection consist of cards featuring players who have played with the Angels at some point in their MLB careers - but maybe they've moved on or retired.

If I have multiple cards of individual players, I hope to get them all signed, but then again I only need one - it's a plus if the player is pictured in an Angels' uniform, though I'll deal with the cards picturing players in other uniforms as well.

Ideally I'd like to get cards in the box signed sooner than never, though the collection has become sort of a cardboard morgue - the push to put together TTM requests has really slowed down and maybe I'm lazier to try and track down autographs of former Angels that way.

If I end up purchasing a certified autograph card or an in-person / TTM autograph - then the cards in the box are pushed back into 'general population' within my main A-Z archives.

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