Sunday, October 05, 2014

Fell for another Fairfield 250 card cube

1.) Any sort of repacks really don't give me anything I need - but the 250-card cubes have become my repack of choice, because they give a plenty of cards to go through, even though I have to deal with never ending supply of junk wax cards [1986-1992] stuffed in every box.

2.) The plastic cube holding these cards was cracked - one of the highlights of getting one of these 250-card repacks is the the reusable card cube.

3.) The bonus unopened packs aren't worth bupkis - but still eager to rip and see what is inside.

2013 Topps Heritage
#121 Ned Yost
#8 2012 American League Batting Leaders - feat. Miguel Cabrera, Mike Trout and Adrian Beltre
#186 Casper Wells
#335 Jonny Venters
#108 Jarrod Parker
#250 Prince Fielder

#427 Andre Ethier - short print
#267 Marco Estrada
#130 Philip Humber

2013 Topps Update Series
#US159 Donald Lutz
#US308 J.P. Howell
#US140 Justin Upton
#US184 Dioner Navarro
#US119 Felix Hernandez
#CH-113 Ozzie Smith - Chasing History insert
#US133 Jose Fernandez
#US100 Bryce Harper
#US145 Michael Cuddyer
#US219 Pedro Alvarez
#US299 Ian Kennedy
#US183 Jeff Bianchi

Going through the boxes, I make a mental checklist where certain cards could fit - to be honest, the number of cards dwindle from about 250 or so, to perhaps 10-15 I really eat up with the rest being cards I've pretty much seen before.

1.) Collecting topics - 1982 Donruss Dave Parker [broken bat shots] and 1997 Upper Deck Collector's Choice Darren Oliver [retro uniforms].

2.) Topps team runs - I'm trying to compile a run of Topps cards for all applicable MLB teams from 1978-present; I might have found one or two cards but I'm trying to be a little more pickier with the ones I want to include in this collection.

3.) Team boxes - I try to have a random collection of cards for all the 30 MLB teams, though it's mostly a 'fun' collection to add oddball cards and other random cards that catch my eye like this 1989 Fleer Glossy Lance Johnson.

I pulled these two Angels cards - the Wally Joyner is from the 1986 Sportsflics Rookies boxed set and the Tim Salmon is from the 1995 Upper Deck SP Championship Series set.

4.) Cards for retired players who maybe coaches - I found two 1999 Pacific Doug Henry cards stuck together and while there are some ink loss from the cards' glossy finish, I managed to get the two cards signed in-person.

5.) Dafuq are these guys [?] - as an 'unofficial' mini-collection, I gather a small collection of one-time MLB players anybody would be hard pressed to remember but actually appear on MLB cards; this 1993 Fleer Final Edition Ben Shelton is an appropriate addition since Shelton played in only 15 MLB games.

6.) Out of the carnage I pulled two autograph hits - both absolutely worthless but the 2003 Leaf Certified Materials Mirror Blue Pete La Forest is serial #'d 1 of 50 and a 2007 Upper Deck SP Rookie Edition Matt DeSalvo was a bonus hit I wasn't expecting but sort of hoping for since the assortment of repack cards were so random.

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Fuji said...

Ethier SP + 2 Autographs = Nice Repack

Btw... the best part of those repacks are the reusable plastic holders.