Saturday, October 11, 2014

My cool story bro time with Mike Moustakas

I remember trying to get Moustakas' autograph as a Surprise Rafters player in the Arizona Fall League - I think it was after a day game in Mesa and I remember him storming across the field, maybe with his headphones on headed to the team bus.

I kept calling out to him but he just flat out ignored me - he might have had a bad game, wanted to get to the team bus ASAP and didn't want to sign anything.

One of his teammates caught up with him and kind of gestured towards my direction - but Moustakas was oblivious.

No, I wasn't about to freak out or anything, but I was perplexed - I must have gotten him to eventually sign, but I want to always remember my 'non-moment' with Moustakas, who turned around another miserable season by emerging as a postseason hero for the upstart Kansas City Royals this year.

I haven't had problems with getting things signed by Moustakas when he comes home to So. Cal with the Royals to play the Angels - he pretty good about signing, even though he can be a Sharpie killer [someone who presses hard and deliberate when he signs, so the tip of the pen dulls / wears out real quick] and his autograph can be messy.

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