Sunday, October 05, 2014

What the hell is this, lol.

Looks like I've been hacked or something since an image of a hockey goalie [I've never posted a matching hockey image on this blog] replaced my thumbnail from my post yesterday - it looks like it was only on the mobile version of this site and the correct image shows up when I click on the post.

I don't think I was imagining things - but after fretting about it on the way to work, then the thumbnail reverted back to the original image.


Fuji said...

Time to change up your password ;-)

Greg Zakwin said...

The image is from a post by Matt Pederson from Cardboard Conundrum. Just a Blogger glitch.

And let's remember it's Blogger. They're, you know, sort of known for glitches and their site not working smoothly all the time.

Don't fret. No hacking.

Laurens said...

Stupid blogger...thanks for the info Greg.