Monday, November 03, 2014

Featured autographs - Delino DeShields

2001 Fleer Tradition was probably the first set where I tried to get as many of the cards signed in-person / TTM - at first, I thought the cards were kind of ugly [it's obviously a retro themed design, but maybe I thought the cards looked too primitive], but I ended up picking up a factory set back since it had Albert Pujols, Ichiro and Mark Teixeira rookies as part of a 50-card rookie update.

Not really knowing what to do with the rest of the cards past the 'key guys,' I started to get the cards signed in-person / TTM bit by bit - to this day I still hold out hope that I can get cards from the set signed, like the pair of cards I got inked up by the former MLB second baseman.

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