Monday, November 10, 2014

Mark Sappington

I took a picture of Sappington signing and talking with fans last month in Arizona - I actually didn't have anything for him to be signed, but Sappington might have been the most accomodating and personable guy in the fall league.

As is, the one-time Angels minor leaguer was traded for lefty Cesar Ramos and is now Tampa Bay Rays property - it's kind of peculiar that he was traded during the fall league [not in the off-season or even during the regular MiLB season perhaps].

While a player like Sappington is a pro and it's probably not as awkward as it might seem to the casual fan - I'm curious how it goes down where someone has to pull you aside and say you are part of a new organization, particularly when you are a player who might be trying to catch up after a disappointing year.

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