Saturday, November 29, 2014

Josh Donaldson trade

Oakland A's fans are freaking out over the Donaldson trade because he had emerged as a star over the last couple of years - now fan favorite Donaldson goes to the Toronto Blue Jays in exchange for scratch offs and A's fans wonder if general manager Billy Beane has lost it.

If I was an A's fan, I'd probably be sick to my stomach but Beane has to make moves - even if it meant sacrificing someone like Donaldson, who has a Twitter account that he uses to trade for his own baseball card and someone who really seems approachable for a big leaguer on a 'small market,' MLB team.

In return, the A's get back Brett Lawrie, who has been up-and-down with injuries - Lawrie's talent is intriguing but can he stay healthy for 130-140 games?

I think the A's let Lawrie stick at third base [where he has played most of his MLB career] - until top prospect Renato Nunez is ready to make the jump to the Major Leagues at some point late next season.

Lefty starting pitcher Sean Nolin might be a decent for at least a few years - a guy that can be plugged into the rotation as a No. 4 starter and contribute immediately next year.

I didn't know what a Kendall Graveman was before the trade and was surprised he reached the major leagues this past season - Graveman has put together some good numbers in the minors, but my best guess is that his upside is relatively limited [though might be useful if put into the right situations].

Minor league shortstop Franklin Barreto maybe the 'get' of the trade for the A's - though he might be at least a couple of years away, he's been able to hit a little bit and because of his youth, is bound to get better.

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Fuji said...

As an A's fan, I wasn't surprised. I've heard rumors that The Shark is next too. They'll be rebuilding for the next few years.