Thursday, March 12, 2015

2015 Donruss pack breaks #1 of 3

Last week was all about 2015 Topps Heritage, but I got my fill through retail - so I when I finally stopped at the card shop this week, my interest in Heritage was kind of sated.

I heard 2015 Donruss was coming in and I bided my time just long enough [after already making a small purchase of loose quarter cards] - so the owner could get his shipment in and open up a box.

My gut tells me to stick with Topps because it's MLB licensed - but I grabbed a dozen loose packs of 2015 Donruss because as a baseball card collector I'm not going to be denied checking out some new product.

The handful of the inserts I pulled kind of pop and maybe the lure to picking up loose packs here and there - the Donruss insert sets that recycle designs from its past incarnation as a baseball card company are 'cute,' if not something to really put together.

The base card design look a little calmer than 2015 Topps - the cards are printed with a glossy surface with no foil stamping.

The red colored backs that almost resembles 1990 Donruss.

The cards still sort of feel a step below a MLB licensed product, but I like it when there are no logos on uniforms / caps on cards of players who have recently switched teams - bonus points added if and when the new team is listed on the card as well.

Pack one
#103 Jered Weaver
#125 Bartolo Colon
#135 Ryan Howard
#130 David Robertson
#169 Yu Darvish
#164 Evan Longoria

#26 Everth Cabrera - Elite Series insert
#34 Daniel Norris

Pack two
#111 Marcel Ozuna
#142 Starling Marte
#139 Gregory Polanco
#179 Doug Fister
#174 Melky Cabrera
#1 Andrew McCutchen - Jersey Kings insert; while not a patch, the dirt stained material swatch used gives this particular card character.

#13 Michael Taylor - Donruss Preferred insert

#200 Yu Darvish - 1981 Donruss

Pack three
#118 Joe Mauer
#145 Seth Smith 
#144 Gerrit Cole
#188 Mariano Rivera
#184 Mark McGwire

#164 Evan Longoria - Press Proof parallel serial #'d 94/99
Dummy card
#23 Matt Adams - Elite Series insert

#10 Alex Gordon - Long Ball Leaders

Pack four
#104 Clayton Kershaw
#95 Eric Hosmer
#109 Dee Gordon

#100 Mike Trout
#190 Wade Boggs
#187 Kirby Puckett
Dummy card
#19 Jacoby Ellsbury - Elite Series insert

#1 Tony Gwynn - Tony Gwynn Tribute

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