Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Random LCS minutia

I was looking for 2015 Topps Heritage but the product was not yet in when I went into the card shop - I've tried to ween myself off being a slave to buying new cards, but I want to check things out, see if I can have a crack at new product on a whim.

1976 SSPC Andy Messersmith #47 - he's a pitcher, he has a bat in his hand, so his card is an add to my mini-collection.

1981 Kellogg's Davey Lopes #29 - I have few Lopes cards to get inked up, but they are Oakland A's cards; I don't know if I'll try and get this one signed and whether it would look good, but it's at least a Dodgers Lopes card.

1992 Upper Deck Minors Luis Ortiz #114 - x2

1992 Upper Deck Minors Andre Keene #123

1992 Upper Deck Minors Pedro Castellano #133

1992 Upper Deck Minors Chris Durkin #177
1992 Upper Deck Minors Riccardo Ingram #213 - x2

1992 Upper Deck Minors Steve Dunn #216

1992 Upper Deck Minors Ricky Otero #236

1992 Upper Deck Minors Michael Carter #270

I think the 1992 Upper Deck Minors cards is a classic junk wax beauty for the quirky, fun images used on many of the cards...even though it is a 23-year old minor league set - starring its fair share of obscure guys who never made it to MLB.

2010 Topps Vladimir Guerrero #130 - Target Throwback

2011 Topps Update Series Juan Uribe #US 303 - maybe one of the last players I'd pick up a card for, but it's a nice throwback style Brooklyn Dodgers retro uniform; I found a regular version of the card first, then a couple of these Diamond Anniversary parallels popped up, so I grabbed one.

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