Saturday, August 08, 2015

1956 Topps Harvey Haddix #77

I picked this up because Haddix is shown as a baserunner and it's a vintage addition to my pitchers hitting 'catch all' mini-collection - which include cards showing pitchers at-bat, running the bases, wearing a batting helmet, goofing around with a bat and doing things a batter is associated with.

I was digging through a box of assorted Bowman and Topps cards from the 1950's - the card shop owner had to dig through a price guide before setting a price of $3 for this card, which gave me a bit of pause, since the card was an impulsive find.

Going through other 1956 Topps cards in the box, I may go to town on hunting down other cards for my mini-collections - though the larger card size and the relative cost per off-condition card may limit my enthusiasm in chasing down more cards.

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