Thursday, August 13, 2015

On building a team frankenset - the Angels

I really need something to sink my teeth into as far as dealing with my cards - a collecting project I'm trying off the ground somehow is a frankenset of sorts [basically an assortment of cards from different brands sorted in numerical order to represent one set of cards].

Since I've gotten a bunch of loose cards over the last 10 years or so, I'd do a frankenset featuring the Angels - at first, I thought the idea of doing a frankenset was stupid because I was worried that for the number of cards [500] I'm going for, there might not be a particular card to represent each number.

I'm checking things up on eBay and it's been kind of fun to type in random numbers [search term - number Angels -dodgers] and seeing if any Angels cards pop up - I was pleasantly surprised to see there is at least one Angels card to represent 1-500 in one way or the other.

Doing my research, the only number I thought that did not have an Angels card was '408,' but with the help of my friend Google - it turns out there is a Vladimir Guerrero Sports Illustrated for Kids insert card from September 2004 to track down.

Things have come together fast as I've started off collecting cards in-hand as well as typing up a list of sorts - to note cards I have and cards I can possibly add.

There has to be rules of course:

1.) Cards must refer to a player on the Angels or the city name - no minor league cards, but draft pick and prospect cards of players are OK even if they picture a player who never actually played with the parent team.

2.) Cards be inserts and/or parallels - I want to showcase cards that pop.

3.) Cards can be ones I've gotten autographed TTM / in-person - if I was doing a set of cards for themselves, I think I prefer all the cards be unsigned, but it's fun to see cards autographed as long as it doesn't detract from the actual card.

4.) Duplication of players is fine - though a limit of three of the same player per page.

5.) Duplication of sets is fine - though a limit of four of the same set per page.

6.) I figure I'm not going to worry about filling holes where there is no card for that number - in general, if I can't fill certain holes, then it's going to make my head hurt.

7.) The accumulation of cards will actually be sleeved and boxed - until the time where I feel I can showcase the cards into a binder.

8.) I want to say I'm stuck with cards I already have in my collection - though in doing my 'research,' it's kind of fun to see a card somewhere and realize I suddenly 'need it,' even if it might turn out where I already have a card to represent a particular number.

9.) Manager / coaches cards OK

10.) The first 20 cards in this set - maybe to give me an idea of how random things get.

1 2014 Topps Mike Trout
2 2013 Bowman Platinum Mike Trout
3 2000 Black Diamond Rookie Edition Darin Erstad
4 2005 Donruss Studio Vladimir Guerrero S-4 - Studio Stars insert
5 1996 Mother's Cookies Jim Abbott
6 1996 Mother's Cookies Jim Edmonds
7 2003 Donruss Champions Jarrod Washburn - Sample
8 1996 Mother's Cookies J.T. Snow
9 1996 Mother's Cookies Chuck Finley
10 1990 Score Young Superstar Dante Bichette
11 1991 Fleer Update Luis Polonia U-11
12 2013 Bowman Mark Trumbo
13 1996 Mother's Cookies Troy Percival
14 1996 Mother's Cookies Randy Velarde
15 1996 Mother's Cookies Garret Anderson
16 2008 Topps Torii Hunter #WMDP 16 - Walmart Dick Perez insert
17 1984 Topps Ralston / Purina Rod Carew
18 2009 Ticket to Stardom Erick Aybar - deckle edge
19 1972 Topps Billy Cowan
20 1974 Topps Nolan Ryan - incoming


gcrl said...

i've started a dodger frankenset as a way to deal with some of my doubles. i've found that using is a good way to find different options for the same number (search: "dodgers 150", for example). looks like you've got a good start to your frankenset!

Laurens said...

Thanks for the COMC tip.

Jeff said...

I've got an Angels Frankenset going too. I use only dupes in mine, and I've limited myself to attempting only one of a player and one of a set per page. Although I do have multiple Fleer on some pages, just as place holders until one or the other gets replaced. You can also use the trading card database to look for numbers.