Sunday, August 30, 2015

Featured autographs - Miguel Sano

Maybe serious collectors / speculators are not really interested in Sano's handful of certified autograph released in various prospect sets over the last several years - besides his true first year Bowman Chrome autograph back in 2010, the other certified autographs [before his RC logo cards come out] maybe all kind of 'junk' unless it's some hard to pull, low numbered parallel.

Considering Sano's potential as a slugger, I was eager to pick up a couple certified autographs - even if the particular cards [2014 Bowman Inception relic auto and 2014 Bowman Sterling] are some of the ones serious collectors / speculators would turn their nose up at.

Sano was subject of a documentary who [along with his family] received a lot of scrutiny when he was looking to sign with a MLB team for a big bonus - now he is mashing home runs in the Major Leagues and maybe a franchise star for the Minnesota Twins for years to come.

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