Sunday, December 27, 2015

Featured autograph - Jim Abbott

Picking up this certified autograph card for about $13 gave me a reason to ‘buy into’ a 2015 Topps Archives Signature Series without paying at least $45-$55 for a pack - I needed a 1992 Topps All-Star subset #406 card of Abbott for my Angels frankenset and while Abbott has probably has made his share of appearances, I haven’t made it to any of them.

Because it is for a project, I've broken the Topps Archives Signature seal and free the card from the one-touch holder - besides being autographed, certified and stamped as a card from a 2015 product, the other wrinkle is the buyback card used is the Gold Winners parallel.

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RAZ said...

I've been trying to get one of the Jim Abbott buybacks from 1990 Topps. I haven't landed one yet, but eventually I'll get one.