Friday, December 11, 2015

Featured autograph - Vida Blue

I wanted at least one certified autograph card of Blue to represent one of the two MLB awards he won in 1971 - this $3 card goes into my MVP collection, while I have a 2002 Topps Archives card [a reprint of his 1971 Topps card] for my Cy Young Award collection.

I remember tagging along with a friend to a golf tournament 10-15 years where Blue was appearing along with others like Bobby Bonds [former Angel, since passed away] and Gene Mauch [former Angels manager, since passed away] - unfortunately I had no concept of getting Blue, Bonds or Mauch on anything specific [like getting a card signed to fill a card project], so the best I got Blue and Bonds on was a program with a bunch of other random autographs.

I figured picking up a certified Blue autograph would be the easiest if I wanted a signed card - Blue still signs through the mail for $10, though I didn't want to bother putting together a TTM request I'd have to wait for.

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