Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Loose card projects - 500 home run club

'Loose card projects' is my catch-all term for the mini-collections I'm trying to put together [collecting topics, Angels frankenset, Topps year-to-year run, etc] from the assorted cards I've hoarded - these various projects is what I end up tending to as far as playing with cardboard is concerned.

One of these projects is a collection of 500 home run club members - I thought about collecting autographs of the exclusive statistical mark, but the idea of needing to secure Babe Ruth's autograph [714 home runs] is just not possible.

I've probably got assorted autographs of the non-vintage players - though nothing like signed baseballs for each guy.

I thought about picking up a 'premium card' for each player - though at this point I want to make this initial set of cards a starter set to upgrade and build on if I wanted.

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