Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Setting up assorted files on Google

For the card related projects I’m working on, I’ve gotten a little crazy trying to create and/or update Google Sheets and/or Google Docs files - I think it gets the ball rolling as far as getting organized and seeing what I have / need.

  • Angels autograph wantlist [Google Docs] - trying to list out players I still need...will create a Google Sheets file to account for the autographs I already have.  
  • 2016 collecting topics worksheet [Google Docs] - place where I list out the cards I can pull from my collection and also ‘new’ cards I can seek out.
  • To do list [Google Sheets] - I’ve probably sought to create various incarnations of a ‘to do’ list, but I want to look at something like a concise ‘set of plays’ to run through.
  • Regional collections [Google Sheets] - consists of my team A-Z singles and my PC cards.
  • A-Z singles [Google Sheets] - I want this file to use as a spot to list out applicable cards.
  • Angels Opening Day starters [Google Sheets] - I’ve gathered some assorted cards and intend to list them out.

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