Saturday, February 04, 2017

Featured autograph - Terrell Owens

Owens was perhaps the biggest NFL 'personality / diva / me first' athlete in the past 20 years, but with all the drama, he forged a legendary NFL career as a wide receiver - the details are fuzzy, but I must have found this nice looking card of Owens and sent a request to him randomly TTM.

I got my card back signed, though he used a black pen and on a card that was just too dark for any autograph to really stand out - for some peace of mind, I wanted to see if the card would be authenticated and slabbed.

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Fuji said...

TO was a drama queen... and isn't exactly the greatest role model. But he was one of the best wide receivers of his generation. I understood him not being a first ballot hall of famer. That should be reserved for guys like Joe Montana and Jerry Rice. However... I felt like he should have gotten in this year. If he doesn't next year, then something is seriously flawed in the selection process.