Friday, February 03, 2017

Second PSA DNA submission results

There was a package I picked up from the post office and I assumed it was my PSA/DNA order - since it’s really the only thing I’m waiting for in the mail.

Inspired by at least several YouTube videos, I wanted to follow suit to see if I could put together a PSA/DNA submission of my own - PSA/DNA’s January / February special is 50% off football/basketball players and while primarily a baseball guy, I put together 10 applicable cards / items for authentication.

I made a previous PSA/DNA order in 2013, though I'm still iffy about about throwing real money into something - that may be more of a subjective, arbitrary exercise.

Perhaps it’s just that Tommy Boy guarantee, but there is definitely the lure of having something you got signed at some point slabbed - making those loose autographed cards in my collection a little nicer in general, knowing someone deemed an authority has passed my inked up cards as good.

I’ve dreaded counting out the days left [I assume about 20 business days] before I realistically could look forward to receiving my order - so it was a relief it probably took only 10-11 days to go through.

However I was a little anxious about the results - there was some excitement as it was fairly bigger box, though it was probably because I’d sent a signed 4x6 index card of Peyton Manning [TTM circa 1998] and either way, PSA/DNA needed to ship it back to me.

I started working on opening the box - it was kind of hard to figure out where to cut through and open the box with scissors.

I just hope it wasn’t for nothing where I’d see my Manning autograph tagged with an ‘N4’ sticker - when I finally opened the box and dug out the contents [in bubble wrap], it looked pretty good otherwise with the Manning kind of crooked in a big honking slab.

I'll see if I can get at least a post out of the other items that were slabbbed - there was one unslabbed card sandwiched between two pieces of cardboard with a rubber band, so that obviously was an ‘N4’ card, which is not good.

N4s are something I may almost come to expect and reading going through posted results of logged in orders on the PSA forums - I think the ‘N4s’ are more interesting than the stuff that passes authentication.

The ‘N4’ turned out be a Troy Aikman card, which I definitely got signed in-person and not something I got TTM or purchased - I realize regardless of whether it's signed by the subject in-person, if it doesn’t look ‘good’ or if it looks ‘irregular,’ then it will not be passed otherwise.

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Fuji said...

My buddy caught Wayne Gretzky and Steph Curry at a golf tournament either last year or the year before. Both failed. Like you said... if it looks off or if the player rushes the signature... it's not going to pass.