Tuesday, March 01, 2022

1953 Topps Minnie Minoso #66 find

At a show I went to, I ended up leafing through this seller's bargain bin boxes sitting off to the side - I've seen the person wandering around at other shows and while he seems to do a lot of wheeling and dealing, he seems to be more of a private collector where he might not have a physical shop. 

Maybe his off-condition vintage boxes piqued my interest, despite the idea I didn't know if I was willing to spend anything - I spotted this card of Minoso for $5 and while the condition isn't great, it's a 60-year old card of a 'new' Hall of Famer. 

I might have had other things in my mind however, but as I ended up going through a $3 or '2 for $5' box at another table - I gave up where I couldn't pair up a couple of cards together.

I took a breather outside and thought I should circle back to the table with the playing era Minoso - where it might be a no brainer keeper compared a different combination of cheap-o cards.

I let things be where I might have lingered other tables while seeing another person going through the boxes - when I finally got to coming back around, was able to find the Minoso card again. 

However, the seller was in middle of a big time deal / trade where he might have been getting back a few cards and the other person was getting back a whole box collection of assorted slabs and other various cards - here I am waiting my turn to show the seller the card I wanted and once he was done, I was finally able to get his attention for a moment to make my purchase.


The Diamond King said...

Sweet card!

Fuji said...

Hard to pass up a 1953 Topps hall of famer for $5. Nice find.

Jon said...

You were lucky that is was still there.

Brett Alan said...

Given the age and the pricetag, the condition doesn't appear to be bad at all.