Thursday, October 31, 2013

Card shop finds - Topps 5x7 cards

These oversized cards are pretty ugly with grainy old-school photos from the late 1970's - I leafed through a stack of them to see if I can pick any featuring former MLB players I can reasonably expect to run into in-person next year.

I've learned my lesson not to get 'junky items' signed if I have chances to prominent retired / active players - but for players who were minor stars / rank-and-file guys, I'll try and look for 'oddball' cards, just to change things up from getting the typical cards signed.

Fred Lynn is the most prominent out of the four and he's a former Angel - I might have to get him at some sort of paid signing, but I'll just carry the card with me when I go to an Angels game and hope he shows up for something like some Angels alumni.

Randy Jones does sports radio down in San Diego and participates in various things associated with the San Diego Padres - spring training maybe an option to get him if he is doing something with the team.

Roy Smalley is currently a broadcaster with the Minnesota Twins - though I actually remember him in the mid 1990's as an in-studio analyst for Baseball Tonight.

Rick Manning is currently a broadcaster with the Cleveland Indians - I might have gotten him in the mail years ago, but don't remember getting him in-person.


Play at the Plate said...

Good luck!

The Angels In Order said...

I really like the oversized cards, but tend to stay away from them. For me they are a storage nightmare.