Sunday, October 27, 2013

Featured autographs - Carmelo Martinez

I have no actual memories of many rank-and-file MLB players like Martinez except from junk wax cards I've stumbled upon for over 20 years now - from his baseball card pictures, I always thought he was someone who looked a little unsavory, maybe a little unkempt and more than a little intimidating.

In reality, he was just another professional baseball player who looked out of shape and also had a little baby face going [at least early in his Major League career] - he is 53 years old now and has been a coach in the Chicago Cubs' minor league system for a while.

While I didn't actually figure out who he was until my friend flagged him down at Cubs instructional league camp several weeks ago - I was able to whip out the eight cards I'd brought and Martinez knocked them all out.

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The Angels In Order said...

Any chance that 1991 Upper Deck is available for trade?