Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Sorting through the various baseball card releases

It maybe the time of the year where the MLB / MiLB season is basically a done deal and until things pick up again in the spring - I might have to turn to filling my time with picking up the random, cardboard offerings put out by mostly Topps, but also by Panini [so maybe I won't get bored and I'll have new cards to try and get autographed in-person in 2014].

I'd like to be able to pick up a couple [or really several] boxes of something, but that isn't going to happen - trying to account what I'm planning to accumulate with regards to recently recent products.

Out already
2013 Bowman Chrome - looking to pick up a base prospect set.
2013 Topps Chrome - looking to pick up a base set, though is there any notable rookies besides Yasiel Puig? Don't really need a bunch of redundant veteran cards.
2013 Topps Finest - though it's basically redundant vets and maybe some young stars, I like the 1993 Finest themed inserts and maybe looking to get at least a couple if random singles once the novelty wears off in a month or so. I can't imagine buying even one mini-box [about $50 or so] for this stuff. 
2013 Topps Update - maybe I'd picked up a blaster box, hanger box, hanger rack / jumbo pack by now, but maybe I'd settle on picking up a base set and call it a day.
2013 Topps Update Chrome - not really an intriguing product to me, though it may actually entice me to try out a Topps Mega Box anyway.

It seems the value really isn't there with only two 4 card packs of this Topps Update Chrome in a box with five 8-card 'filler packs' of 2013 Topps Update - it isn't like Topps Update Chrome is going something really sought after once the novelty dies down, though there might be some nice pulls as far as parallels.   

2013 Bowman Draft - definitely looking to get a box or two of this, maybe a base set, maybe related inserts and some loose hobby packs, retail blaster boxes and maybe a hanger rack / jumbo packs.
2013 Panini Prizm Perennial Draft Picks - looking to pick up some loose packs, a base set and maybe related inserts if it has players that pique my interest.  
2013 Panini Elite Extra Edition - looking to pick up some loose packs, a base set and maybe related inserts if it has players that pique my interest.


View From the Skybox said...

Where have you seen info on 2013 EEE? I didn't know it was announced.

Laurens said...

I'm assuming it's going to come out like in years past - but no actual information on it and may come out in January 2014 or some later date.