Thursday, March 13, 2014

2014 Topps Heritage preview

I'll pick up some hobby packs, maybe pony up for a blaster box to see what the cards look like - though I'm over the novelty of new Topps Heritage cards mimicking old-school Topps cards, even if I find the concept quaint at times.

More more importantly, I'm not a set builder and even if I was, what is the point to building the base non-SP'd set from scratch [?] - hand collated sets can be picked up on ebay for the price of about two blaster boxes.

As far as Topps Heritage is concerned, I'll wait until later in the year to get a hobby box and a hand collated set of the the minor league version - it maybe a personal preference, but the minor league version naturally gives me more cards [of minor leaguers / prospects] I can potentially get autographed in-person or maybe through the mail.

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