Friday, March 07, 2014

Joe Martinez

He's a journeyman ballplayer, though it doesn't look like he is doing too bad for himself on the personal end - I got him to sign a few times when he played in the Arizona Fall League back in 2009 and may have seen him hanging out at an AFL game in 2012, so I brought his two cards I had to the AFL last year just to see if I could scope him out.

I didn't see him, but just as I'm only putting away the two cards [just yesterday], sorting a little bit for the upcoming baseball season - I read that he's been signed by the Angels, according this transactions list posted on Baseball America.

Martinez could be this year's Billy Buckner [who did get a few appearances with the Angels last year] or he may strictly AAA fodder [who might not be in the organization for long] - however his signing gives me some hope I could get my 2009 Topps Allen and Ginter set card signed in-person.

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