Friday, March 07, 2014

Random thoughts - Ryan Zimmerman

Ideally I wanted to collect his cards 'on the side,' expecting him to be a rising star at one point - though he isn't even 30 yet, it seems like he's been playing for 10 years and there isn't as much hype associated with his career.

On the surface, he seemed to be a good guy to collect even though he plays for an East Coast team I wouldn't see much - he's always put up decent numbers and had the ability to come through in clutch situations for the Nationals in his career.

I guess Zimmerman is still a viable major leaguer - living the life, playing for a potential World Series contender while being paid nearly like a franchise player he once was thought to be.

It seems peculiar that I don't seem to hear much about him through the national media - he seems like just another good player who maybe trending downwards at he enters his 30's.

Has had the yips throwing the ball and maybe more of a passable first baseman in the near future - rather than a star third baseman for the rest of his MLB career.

A comparable player to Zimmerman maybe David Wright, but while Wright has sort of gone through his up and downs - I think he sorts of still has the allure of a star.

Am I'm wrong about Zimmerman being merely 'meh' over the last several years - does it matter that perhaps he isn't the first guy fans talks about when mentioning the Washington Nationals?


Jeff Laws said...

Not that this will weigh into your decision but I decided to add him to my collections because he is very charitable for Multiple Sclerosis. My wife was diagnosed with MS a few years ago and I believe his mother was as well.

Laurens said...

That's pretty cool to know - I know he has a foundation here: