Sunday, February 07, 2016

2015 Topps Allen and Ginter X set

I've typically picked up a hand collated set of the regular Allen and Ginter as my personal 'flagship brand' to get random in-person / TTM autographs on - there might have been a point where picking up a 2015 set was something I wasn't going to do anymore since I maybe burnt out on trying to attempt to do particular sets.

I did end up picking up a regular A&G set to continue the tradition perhaps, though it's like I'm getting further away on actually working knocking out set cards for the Ginter lines [2006-2015] - Topps produced an 'X' version of the Ginter product last year as an online exclusive, with the black stock for the card surface being the only difference.

I don't think the 'X' was a success by any means and it may have taken a few sales promotions on to sell many of the boxes - I picked up a hand collated X set, probably because the black stock for the card surface is a wrinkle that makes the 'X' set a little more attractive than the usual 'dull' white card stock.

Maybe my 'X' set purchase loses it's importance if I break the cards down to try and get autographs on - I think the plan for my 'X' set is to put them into plastic sheets to display in a binder somewhere, so I can look at them once in a while without worrying about getting them inked up.

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