Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Featured autograph - Craig Biggio

I'm primarily an autograph collector with roots in collecting baseball cards - if I wanted a player's autograph, I look to get it on a card first since I see where a guy whose autograph might not have been easy to get in-person or TTM has signed their share of pack pulled autographs from recent years.

The card itself is pretty nice with the card stock sturdy and thick - it's kind of a random pick up, but it features an blue ink, on-card scribble of the Hall of Famer and 3,000 hit club member.

I may stick to picking up certified autograph cards of retired MLB players since I don't have the means to constantly pay up for various guys - maybe I still think at the right place and time, I still have an opportunity to get most guys for free, even if the random opportunities do not really come often.

Maybe certified autograph cards are the cheapest way to secure a number of autographs and while it still costs money - maybe it's too much of a business to go through private signings or through a card shop or card show signing.

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Paul Hadsall said...

I think you're almost always better off with the certified autograph over the private signing. If you get to go to the signing, maybe your 10-30 second interaction with the player & the ability to choose exactly what item you get signed is worth the extra cost... but even then, I think I'd rather save the money.