Saturday, February 13, 2016

R.I.P. Jenrry Mejia's MLB career

I've seen him a few random times in-person and I felt like he is a guy who would always come over to sign an autograph - so I feel like this third suspension for PEDs screws him over when he's kind of a 'bit player' taking the fall, being made an example of when there maybe guys with much more sophisticated means of taking their vitamins.

Maybe a lifetime ban would be easier to swallow if Mejia had been a long time veteran who did stick around too long - but the now former New York Met is still in his late 20s and while I care about the idea of having clean players, I feel like maybe Mejia is sick like the way fans want some of their fallen pro athletes to be, rather than simply be malicious in breaking the apparent law of their leagues.

I hope there is a loophole to allow him Mejia to pitch again because for his apparent mistakes - I don't want to see a guy in his prime losing means to make a better life for himself.

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Big Tone said...

This guy could have been an integral part of an already solid pitching staff.If indeed he did use again,then I don't think we need guys like this on the team influencing the younger kids.On the other hand I do believe that lots of guys are singled out and made examples of, all the time.