Monday, February 22, 2016

Random pick ups - a trio of Pat Burrell

These cards were a part of an 87-card mix I put together at a card show for $20 - I was kind of in a frenzy since I hadn't gone to go a card show in a long time, so I wasn’t as picky about adding and subtracting cards from the stash of cards I was building up.

If I had the time, I’d go through the cards several times just to see which ones I’d weed out for now - as far as the Burrells, I want to say that cards caught my eye, not exactly the player pictured on them.

1999 E-X Century Pat Burrell #3 of 15 - E-X Quisite insert; the player image is die-cut and there might be a faux shadow box effect going on; according to the information found on, the inserts are ‘printed on cards with an unique interior die-cut design.’ The background on my card is cracked.

1999 Fleer Brilliants Pat Burrell #140B - RC

1999 Topps Finest Pat Burrell #PR20 - Peel and Reveal insert; there is a subtle sparkle effect within the acetate card stock that enhances the pedestrian image, though the fingerprints left through handling the card randomly seems more prominent.

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