Friday, May 20, 2016

2007 Upper Deck Masterpieces Tim Lincecum

It's not worth anymore than about $0.50, but this is probably my favorite Lincecum card - I like the seemingly fancy canvas card stock that gives these cards a different, textured feel.

With Lincecum's Angels deal official, it's going to be fun following him on his comeback - the signing doesn't seem like big money deal for the Angels and it may payoff if Lincecum can mimic some of the performances that made him a great pitcher in San Francisco.


Big Tone said...

I picked up quite a few packs of 07 Masterpiece when they came out.It's a fun product with beautiful art work.That Lincecum came out at the height of his popularity.Lots of talent there and I wish him the best with the Angels.

Fuji said...

Love that card. Even though Timmy is now an Angel... I hope he rekindles his career.