Tuesday, May 10, 2016

A pair of Todd Helton inserts

Like Hideo Nomo from the previous post, there is some recognition and affection for this 17-year MLB veteran, even he did not play for my team - the pair of cards caught my eye and I picked them up for the 'ownage' factor.

The 1998 Flair Wave of the Future card inserts was mentioned on another card blog back in 2014 and I wanted to see how a card from the set felt and looked like in-hand - maybe it's because the card came out more than 15 years ago, but the intended effect isn't quite on point, though it's not created like a conventional trading card.

I like the image on the 2000 Topps Stadium Club Chrome refractor #193 - even if though Helton's face is kind of obscured, it's taken from a unique angle.

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Fuji said...

Both of these cards are sweet. Kudos to Fleer for producing one of the most unique insert sets that year.