Saturday, May 14, 2016

Featured autograph - Dickie Thon

I probably first read about Thon when he was featured in Sports Illustrated back in 1990 - I generally know of him as a player who might have been a star shortstop for years to come if he hadn't gotten beaned during a game in 1983.

Though Thon bounced back to enjoy a solid playing career - the beaning derailed his ascent and literally changed his perspective as a professional ballplayer.

I got Thon's certified autograph [$4] to add to my all-time Angels autograph collection - at SCN, there isn't much to go on with zero successes reported out of 23 requests.

Presumably Thon isn’t really a tough autograph, just a retired player who might not typically be accessible because he lives in Puerto Rico - and may not be focused in coaching or doing something stateside.

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