Tuesday, May 03, 2016

2016 Marketside Cheesy Breadsticks

I might not have been looking for the pizza at the right place [or they might not have been at my Walmart yet] the first time I started to hear about this card promo - in a recent visit, I found the Marketside pizza / breadsticks were in the freezer aisle but in an another aisle from the usual pizzas.

I checked to see if the card pack was inside the boxes it was packed loose in the bottom of the food item - the pack wasn’t stuck by some sort of adhesive to keep them intact. 

I'm more into pizza than breadsticks but I'd rather get two packs of cards with two packages of breadsticks [$4 each] - instead of one pack with a purchase of a single pizza for the same price.

Pack one
#22 Noah Syndergaard 
#8 Miguel Cabrera
#17 Chris Sale
Topps info / coupon card - $2.50 off a Topps 2016 Value Box / $1 off a Topps 2016 Jumbo or Value Pack.
Topps Bunt info / jumbo pack code card

Pack two
#35 Tyson Ross - I figure there are no real ‘duds’ in the checklist though Ross is kind of ‘meh’ at best.
#1 Mike Trout
#6 Carlos Correa
Topps info / coupon card
Topps Bunt info / jumbo pack code card

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The Angels In Order said...

Pretty awesome you pulled a Trout out of just two packs. I had to get mine on Listia.