Saturday, April 10, 2021

Random miscellaneous pick ups

While the bulk of my recent loose card purchases revolves around trying to fill rank-and-file holes between 1984 Donruss and 1990 Leaf for possible TTM requests - to change things up, I grabbed a few of the more quirky cards I've saved a picture / screenshot off in my camera roll and/or listed out on a cheat sheet.
I wouldn't normally buy a minor league team set card of a pitching coach - but the shopping cart caught my eye along with the billboard ad for an ancient cell phone from the late 1980s.
This is the post that inspired me to have this card on a list somewhere - H/T
This is the post that inspired me to have this card on a list somewhere - H/T
I haven't done anything with my Angels frankenset [see sidebar for details] but I like this card - I don't know if I can whittle down my 40-50 wants outright but I'll see if I can do something [or not].
It's early but India looks like a high flying big league rookie so far - strictly on the low end side of things, I picked up a pair of his first paper Bowman Draft cards from 2018.
Just as a change of pace, I can imagine collecting a retro, more high brow looking set like 2005-2006 Turkey Red - this Palmer might be sent out for a TTM request, but the background may just be too dark to make it a priority.
Glenallen Hill was one strong man
I picked up this Mlicki for the baserunner with a svelte, familiar body shape lurking in the background.


Bo said...

Love that Kranitz card!

Fuji said...

I wonder if that's Mr. Padre lingering on Mlicki's card.