Saturday, April 03, 2021

Whenever I think about losing a card somewhere...maybe an ongoing feature

With how I still play with my cards after all these years, maybe it makes or breaks the 'order of things' when I can't find a random card I apparently have misplaced somewhere - I'm sorting through countless cards and may occasionally visualize related cards in my head that are not immediately in-hand.

In my big sort through my active team boxes, I was going through my Colorado Rockies cards and in the 'minors' section, find a pair of 2018 Bowman Draft cards for Terrin Vavra - currently a Baltimore Orioles farmhand who was traded from the Colorado Rockies with Tyler Nevin and PTBNL in the Mycal Givens deal in 2020.

I thought I just put one away somewhere and looked to get the 3 cards together - the third card must be a 2019 Topps Pro Debut since I picked up a hand collated set.

I might have already set it aside with my temporary set-up for my Orioles ‘minors’ cards but it wasn’t there - I may be getting Mandela Effect vibes here, where I’m misremembering and misplacing things in my head.

I should have a copy of the card somewhere since it was supposed to be one of the cards in the set I purchased - wouldn’t that be something if the card was missing off the set and out of all the cards after the fact, it’s only at this point a random base card becomes a first world problem.

Maybe the Vavra card was part of the book of cards I put together for spring training in 2019 - but the card came out after ST, so that couldn’t have been the case.

Maybe the Vavra was in a Mega box of cards that was supposed to be for Cal League teams through 2019 - Vavra was still playing at a level below, but maybe I had a hunch that it was grouped there in case Vavra moved up.

Unfortunately the only card for the Rockies affiliate at the time was a Casey Golden - so I was stumped, worried about some random card being in a forgotten pile I've never get to.

I'm in the middle of this rejigger project with my active team boxes and through a couple of weeks I was at a loss - I was messing around with my main box for my active team boxes, seeing if I could straighten my set-ups with the idea the card I’m looking for might shake out of the blue and go figure, that is exactly what happened.

I was utterly shocked when the Vavra card was found sandwiched between two Roy Smalley cards in the alumni portion of my Minnesota Twins cards - how would this random card end up there?

I racked my brain looking everywhere for the card - I’m glad it wasn’t buried among my other claptrap of cards I dared to rummage through because that would have meant I just left it somewhere and forgot about it.

I think it I just ended up mindlessly sorting through too many cards and one fell through the cracks - for now the card is with my two other Vavra cards, though this particular one may have a story behind it now to remind me of my perpetual folly.

Here was a previous episode to remind me - that these things happen and it doesn't always have to be a crisis.

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Fuji said...

I feel like 60 to 75% of the time I'm sifting through card boxes... it's me mindlessly searching for a card I know I own, but have no idea where it is.